Our present offers

At present, we can offer you the following commodities:

Inside doors and frames

  • ca.10.000 inside doors and frames (German DIN) with surfaces (Beech, oak, white, ash, maple, mahogany etc.) mixed on the palette. About 50 doors are available on a palette for these above mentioned doors. Out of these, about 50 % are of first quality, the remaining can have small errors, scratches and also sometimes chipped edges. The frames are about 95% of the first quality. The normal selling price of these doors lies between 80.-to 500.- € per piece. Sound-proof doors, fire-resistant doors, apartment doors and climate-conditioned doors are available on this palette other than the normal inside doors.

    Inside doors and frames of first quality

  • ca.10.000 inside doors and frames of first quality, originally packed in surfaces of beech, oak, white and maple in different width (German DIN). The doors have the dimensions:
    Breadth: 61cm, 73.5 cm, 86 cm, 98.5 cm
    Height: 198.5 cm und 211.0 cm

    Sold from that 5000 pieces already!!!

    Door handle garnitures

  • ca.400 palettes of Holland door handles in brass, high-grade steel, chromium-plated or plastic. There are about 50.000 - 60.000 door handles on this palette. We have unstocked ca.100 stores in Holland. They have introduced the same range of door handles. You can be sure that a large number of pieces is available for each door handle as well as accessories, excepting odd pieces. The income for the store was ca. 1,8 million Euro. the images show the door handles and the accessories before we have stocked them in the markets.

    Sold from that 80 palettes already!!!

    Photos of handles are available here Door handle garnitures

  • ca.1.800 door handles of the manufacturer Valli & Valli in surfaces chromium, aluminum-matt and brass. The handles are treated of massif of brass and similar surfaces. All are packed with return springs, clean and original. These handles cost between 50.- to 140.-€ per piece in specialized trade.

    Sold already!!!

    Bath accessories

    Sold already!!!

  • known German manufacturer, ca.70,000 pieces, originally packed in colors grey, yellow, blue green and red. The exfactory [works] price lies at about 1.2 million Euro (which you can obtain from the list). This series Lavela was produced for a chain of stores, but not sold in the market. If you look under artifacts for bath accessories, you can produce this series Lavela further under this name.
    An exact lineup can be found here Bath accessories lineup

    Artifacts for bath accessories

  • With these artifacts and matrices, you can become your own manufacturer for bath accessories. These artifacts were manufactured specially for the series Lavela and only the above mentioned 70,000 pieces were manufactured along with it. When you think that millions of versions can be made with such artifacts, these artifacts are almost as good as new. The production costs for the same are ca. 1.1 million Euro. (which you can obtain from the list).
    An exact lineup can be found here Artifacts for bath accessories


    Sold already!!!

  • Manufacturer is the famous firm Kopp and the total selling prices for bells is ca. 90,000.- Euro.
    An exact lineup can be found here Bells lineup

    Bell knobs

    Sold already!!!

    An exact lineup can be found here Bell knob lineup


  • ca.70,000 locks of German DIN left and right posters. Avalaible in colorful bits, PZ and WC-lock.

  • ca.150.000 pieces for door-gate-window latches, for gates, galvanized in solid iron. This was introduced in all the big stores in Germany and had an income of ca. 900.000,- €. The total weight is ca. 30 to 34 tonnes and is packed in different quantities in cases and cartons.
    An exact lineup can be found here Item list 1

  • ca.7 tonnes of galvanized machine screws, screws, nails, nuts etc. of first quality, packed in cases and cartons on palette. The total selling price in stores is ca.150.000,-€.
    An exact lineup can be found here Item list

    Laminated films

  • ca.25 tonnes (100.000m²) of laminated films used for floors, doors and in the manufacture of furniture, in different wood colors and partially white surfaces. The purchase price of the industry lies at about 8000,-€ /tonne.


  • ca.40,000 Kg of paint, clear varnish and primers, mostly in 2- component combination. Packed in 20 Kg pails and 200 Kg barrels. Minimum purchase quantity 5000 KG. The paints were manufactured in 2003 and 2004 and be kept for at least 5 years. The average selling price is at ca.50,-to 100,-€ / Kg

    We have all these lots in stock and and can be inspected at any time. It is not a one-time action with these lots. These are commodities which we can supply continuously.
    If interested, contact us and fix up an inspection appointment. The sale takes place exclusively from our store. We provide loading, customs' documents and AE`s. We charge 19% VAT for each export and reimburse this when the stamped clearance outwards was handed back to us.